Dress Code

Stylish & Fitted Attire
No Sagging or Overly Baggy Clothing
Ball Caps are permissible but please be stylish 
No Athletic Wear (Tops or Bottoms)
No Solid or Plain Tees of any color
(designer graphic tees ok)
No Tank Tops
No Hoodies
No Sweat Suits or Joggers
No Yoga Pants 
Sneakers OK 
No Crocs, Flip Flops, or Slides of Any Kind 
At Zero’s Luxe Lounge we consider athletic wear, tattered, or loose fitted clothing too informal for the experience we are trying to curate.  While we respect all styles of clothing as well as our guests’ desire to be comfortable we have fashioned a luxurious atmosphere that we want to be seen as elevated.  Ladies and Gentlemen…Dress Fly and come Eat, Drink, and Experience Luxury!